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Dr. Cathleen George

Jacaranda Smiles

Wilson Orthodontics

Examples of Promoter Presentations

Barrer & White Orthodontics

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Hamilton Orthodontics

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Client Testimonials

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Cathleen George

Implementation of DSID's digital signage has been very successful and beneficial for my practice. My patients are informed about my competitive advantages, made aware about adult orthodontics, and reminded about the importance of oral hygiene. We gain several new patients throughout the year. Our new patient conversion rates are exceptional because of technology such as this. My patients are engaged on our Facebook page because of DSID's real-time social media integration. It’s the best in-office marketing!

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Steven Cohen

Unlike other digital signage companies, DSID had me fill out an indepth marketing survey before they would even begin working on my content. I am so happy I did it. They nailed everything I wanted my digital signage to be. From fantastic visuals that matched the themes of each of my offices, to marketing the products and services I wanted my patients to learn about the most. DSID is a must-have for any doctor looking to improve their practice marketing.

Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Dr. Sean M. Laurilla

DSID's signage does a great job of grabbing my patients attention and making them aware of the many services I offer, as well as the need for such services. Patient inquiries about my products and services have drastically increased since the system was installed. Patients often comment on the visual aesthetics of the display, and especially enjoy the weather updates. The signage paid for itself within the first few months.

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Bryan C. King

Phenomenal! The displays highlight our practices' competitve advantages, demonstrate our commitment to employing the best in technology, and ensure King Orthodontics stands out amongst others. The displays make a positive, memorable statement, especially our window display in downtown Pittsburgh. People walking by frequently come into the office asking about braces and Invisalign.

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Chris Smedley

DSID has been a great plus in our three waiting rooms of our orthodontic practices. It is a tasteful and attractive way to internally promote things you may be doing in your office. Patients have been commenting how informative the slides have been since day one. Customer service is also superb!

Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Dr. Gerald V. Rizzo

DSID’s digital signage truly embodies the essence of our office. Their service is impeccable. DSID went above and beyond what I was expecting and has helped me take my practice to the next level.