Client Showcase: Dr. Dan Bills, Innovative Orthodontics

Innovative Orthodontics is located in southern New Jersey and uses DSID digital signage in all three of its practice locations. Dr. Dan Bills regularly lectures on how to better utilize technology to connect with orthodontic and dental patients. In addition to providing exceptional care and amazing results, the practice is extremely focused on marketing and patient engagement.

“Being able to engage patients and getting them to feel a part of our practice has gone a long way for us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market.”

Practice Setup

Each of the three practice locations has the same setup and is as follows:

Two systems are installed in the server closet. Signal distribution is handled via HDMI over CAT6 splitters. One system transmits to the waiting/reception area for display on one large 60″ screen. This presentation focuses on core practice messages such as doctor and staff credentials, education, smile transformations, before and afters, services, and infotainment. In the treatment areas are multiple smaller screens broadcasting a presentation that focuses on social media integration (Facebook, Instagram), photo booth integration, contests, and campaigns.

Notable Features

Because the practice spends a lot of time and resources on its social media presence, having the ability to increase visibility of those marketing efforts in the office is significant. Patients can see the practice’s Facebook and Instagram posts while they are in the treatment chair without having to navigate to those platforms on their phones.

Innovative Orthodontics has an interactive photo booth in the waiting area of each location. The photos that are captured by the photo booth are automatically saved to the cloud and are then displayed in the digital signage presentation in real-time. This generates a high level of fun and engagement for younger patients.

Custom Content

Consistent brand messaging is a major goal of Innovative Orthodontics, thus it is important that its digital signage presentations fall inline with this. Because DSID provides custom content development, we are able to work with the practices’ digital assets to create content that is cohesive, engaging, and attention-grabbing, while supporting and promoting the events and happenings going on within the practice.

Whenever the practice implements a contest or campaign, has a significant announcement or event, or hires a new associate doctor or staff member, DSID is contacted and develops animated, video content inline with the needs of the practice. This content is developed with extremely fast turnaround at a fraction of the cost of design industry rates, without forsaking quality.

“Digital signage has been amazing for us. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interaction where people aren’t just staring at their phones anymore, they’re actually looking up and seeing the messages we would like them to see.”

DSID is a complete digital signage solution with a focus on healthcare specialties, designed for waiting rooms, treatment areas, and window displays.

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