Content Spotlight: Laser Dentistry

There has been a growing trend among patients seeking laser dentistry for its many benefits. If you’re one of the many dentists, periodontists, or orthodontists who offers laser supported services or specific therapies such as LANAP, our content library has you covered. We have several videos in both landscape and portrait orientation covering this topic.

A sample of laser dentistry related content from the DSID content library (Sample speed is increased 100%).

Incorporating digital signage into your practice can contribute to a more patient-centric and engaging environment, fostering positive relationships with patients and their families. DSID not only gives you the platform to easily communicate your messaging, we also have an entire library of 4K quality, eye-catching videos that cover all core messages relevant to a variety of healthcare specialties. And for any content needs that are specific to your practice, we also provide content development services to create and effectively communicate what you can see in your mind but don’t know how to make into reality.

DSID is a complete digital signage solution with a focus on healthcare specialties, designed for waiting rooms, treatment areas, and window displays.

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