Use Digital Signage to Enhance Your Social Media

For all the negative aspects that have surfaced in the past few years, social media truly has created a legitimate channel for practices to engage with their patients in a way that was never previously possible. Likes, recommendations, and comments have even become definitive for people making decisions on who they choose as their health care providers.

For health care practices with a highly active social media presence, especially for those utilizing third party social media management services and tools (example), digital signage can extend the reach and improve the impact of said social media efforts in a way that is sure to be seen.

Simply put, digital signage can integrate with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, taking your or other’s posts and formatting them for display on the TV screens within your office.

Here are some reasons why you should consider doing this:

Increase Visibility

Instead of relying on people visiting your Facebook page or Instagram account online, you can be proactive in bringing posts to your patients’ attention while they are in the waiting area or treatment room, or standing by the checkout desk. By displaying your social media posts across in-office TV screens, you are ensuring and increasing visibility of those posts to patients within your office location(s). 

As orthodontist Dan Bills of Innovative Orthodontics (NJ) stated, “Over the years we’ve found it more difficult for our posts to show up in a patient’s feed organically. With digital signage in our office, specifically the treatment area, patients see the posts that we want them to see, and that has really increased engagement with our social media pages.”

Grow Your Audience

Perhaps a patient never knew you were on Instagram, or that you’re Instagram posts were so unique and fun. By informing viewers of your social media presence through digital signage, you can increase the likelihood of them following you; thereby growing an online audience with which to engage further.

There’s no question that online reach doesn’t quite compare to the number of bodies visiting your physical practice location on a daily basis. But the likelihood of a non-customer following you on social media is low. So it makes sense to ensure that every person coming through your doors knows for certain that you are “social” and online. And it also gives you the opportunity to present why they should follow you online.

Draw Attention to Other Messages

If digital signage can enhance social media, the same is true for the reverse. Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities, with an estimated 2.65 billion worldwide users, and counting. People are drawn to social media for many reasons.

With digital signage, practice/business relevant content can appear alongside social media posts. By taking advantage of the allure of social media, you can draw attention to other messages such as product and service promotions, educational compliance, and other important reminders.

Leverage Common Interest

Extending the realm of social media through digital signage doesn’t have to be all about you. Let’s face it, original and engaging posts can be difficult to create. There are many interesting online accounts that are followed by thousands. Why not tap into that for the enjoyment of in-office customers and patients?

With Twitter, you can display the latest tweets of, say, the local favorite sports team, or the comical antics of man’s best friend. The possibilities are many. Just make sure you know the nature of the content you are tapping into if you want to keep things family friendly.

DSID is a complete digital signage solution with a focus on healthcare specialties, designed for waiting rooms, treatment areas, and window displays.

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