Does AI understand ‘perfect teeth’?

You’ve probably heard the buzz about AI and the various ways its simultaneously amazing and freaking people out. One of the facets of AI is image generation, and one of those tools is called Midjourney. Version 5 of Midjourney recently launched and people have been losing their minds over its incredible ability to generate ultra-realistic looking people. Dramatic improvements have recently been made in how AI handles skin and eyes, but what about teeth?

We put things to the test to see what AI currently thinks ‘perfect teeth‘ look like and also what it thinks of the dental specialties.

If you don’t understand how Midjourney works, it’s simple: You type in the command ‘/imagine‘ followed by the prompt of what you want it to imagine. For example, /imagine an orthodontist. Here’s the result of that:

Yeah, we know, it’s creepy. Like, really creepy.

How about ‘/imagine orthodontics‘?

Now we do need to acknowledge that Midjourney is just one AI, and one with more of a creative flair. So what happens when we feed it more detailed prompts and provide some direction?

/imagine corporate headshot photo portrait of a dental specialist, professional, bright, shot canon dslr, f/2.0, 55mm

No comment.

Does this AI understand what a perfect upper dental arch looks like?

/imagine perfect dental arch, upper

Nope. It has no idea. So what about teeth? Can Midjourney generate perfect teeth? See for yourself.

/imagine perfect teeth hyperrealism, shot sony dslr f/2.0, 55mm

That’s a hard no, except for maybe bottom right. But again, super creepy. What happens if we give it some more direction?

/imagine portrait of a smiling young adult with perfect teeth, diversity, bright, shot sony dslr, f/2.0, 55mm

The results aren’t terrible, but the teeth are not quite perfect; at least not what an orthodontist would consider to be perfect. The good news is that despite AI potentially making hundreds of jobs obsolete, it certainly won’t be replacing the work of a dental specialist anytime soon. Right?

These images are the results of Midjourney v.5, so it will be interesting to see how and if the quality of teeth will improve in later versions, and how many versions will it take for that to happen. One wonders if the engineers are even aware that teeth aren’t being perfectly generated, and who will advise them on what perfect teeth should look like?

Stay tuned for future posts on how AI will potentially impact healthcare specialties and how it can be utilized to improve marketing efforts.

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