Frequently Asked Questions

The monthly fee will vary based on which plan you select, and how many systems you are running at each practice location. Features and library access will also vary based on your plan selection, but all plans include the following:

  • Access to the DSID network.
  • Remote monitoring of your DSID system(s).
  • Phone and email support (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM EST).
  • Online Portal access for presentation management.
  • Access to customizable campaign materials and patient engagement ideas.

For more information on the standard and add-on Features, click HERE.

The setup fee includes the purchase of one or more DSID systems. The DSID system is manufactured by BrightSign and is the computer that will connect to your screen(s) and run your presentation. Once purchased, you own the BrightSign hardware. It comes with a limited 2 year warranty and is shipped directly to your practice location.

Also included in the setup fee is the initial build and customization of your presentation to ensure it is reflective of your practice brand and offerings. 10 design credits valued at $400 are included to meet any custom content needs. More credits can be purchased as needed.

Due to the custom and complex nature of DSID plans and systems, a free trial is not available. DSID is built upon strong client relationships. Our team works closely with every client to achieve their individuals needs and vision. If you are uncertain whether DSID is right for you, please contact us for a free online demo.

The contract term is 12 months from the date of delivery, then continuing month-to-month until cancelled.

Many practices have multiple locations, therefore we offer discounted rates for additional locations. Some practices may run multiple systems at one location. The same additional location pricing applies for multiple systems.  See our pricing for more information.

If your DSID plan is not meeting your needs, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. You must contact us to do so. Keep in mind, the Entertainer plan does require a specific model of BrightSign hardware. So if you initially purchased the Social plan and later want to upgrade to the Entertainer plan, you will also need to upgrade your hardware.

DSID is unique in that it is focused on providing a complete digital solution (hardware + content + software) that requires little to no presentation management on your part. Our team creates your initial presentation build based on a practice survey and the information on your website. For those that do want to make regular changes, we provide all the tools needed for that as well.

The quality of our content is also the main difference between us and our competitors. DSID builds all content using motion and audio to help grab viewer attention. Our libraries cover all core messages and topics relevant to you as a doctor, as well as multiple other categories.

DSID will create the initial presentation build based on a practice survey and information on your website. You can then alter the content included in your presentation playlists at any time via your Portal account. DSID manages certain playlists on your behalf to ensure your presentation remains current and fresh throughout the year (this can be disabled at any time).

More in-depth changes to your presentation such as feature additions/removals, custom content uploads, or branding revisions are handled by our support team, which you can reach via phone or email, Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST.

Any videos that were created by you, or that you have legitimate permission and rights to use, can be included in your presentation. However, such content must meet minimum requirements in order to be compatible with DSID systems, and must be uploaded to your account by our support team.

The amount of content library access you have will depend on your plan selection. You can include as much or as little of the library content you have access to in your presentation.

Our Dental and Orthodontic libraries are the most robust, containing hundreds of HD videos. But each library still covers multiple categories including Education, Financial, Products, Services, Practice Builders, Seasonal, Trivia, Brain Games, and other Variety content including recipes, fitness, and travel.

There is no official limit on the length of a presentation. But it’s important to understand how a presentation is structured. Each presentation is made up of playlists. Each playlist is comprised of individual videos. During each presentation loop, one video from each playlist is played.

When we talk about presentation length, it’s more accurate to focus on the loop duration as there are so many variables involved, including the total number of playlists, the number of videos within each playlist, and the number of active features. If a presentation is made up of 20 playlists, and the average video duration is 45 seconds, then the average loop time will be 15 minutes. But it may take anywhere from 5 to 20 loops to play through all the content. Some content may repeat in that timeframe, which is important for certain messages.

Rest assured, DSID works with every client to find the desired balance and frequency of content.

DSID systems are shipped to your practice location and arrive ready to go, including what you need to connect to at least one TV screen. If your setup is simple, such as one screen in the waiting room, and wired internet is accessible, a capable team member could install it behind the TV screen within 10 minutes.

For more complex setups involving a server closet and/or multiple screens, we recommend the assistance of an AV or IT professional. It is establishing the cabling infrastructure that usually takes the most time in any install.

If you need recommendations for a local AV professional, DSID has partners we can refer you to. Regardless of who installs your DSID system(s), our support team will provide assistance to help guide you to success.

The location of your DSID system will be determined by the number of screens you intend to connect to, the locations of those screens, and the video and internet cabling that is either already in place or needs to be installed.

Overall, your DSID system should be positioned somewhere that is easily accessible to team members, free of moisture and excess dust, and not prone to excessive heat or drastic temperature fluctuations. Long distance (10ft +) HDMI cables are not recommended for connecting DSID systems to a TV screen. Instead, HDMI over CAT6 is the preferred standard.

Yes, you can connect any single DSID system to as many screens as your cabling infrastructure allows for. Your monthly fee is not affected by the screen count. Each DSID system has a single HDMI output, thus, if multiple screens are involved, you will require one or more splitters. DSID does not sell or provide splitters, but can advise on what to purchase.

At a minimum, each screen should be capable of a resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p), and contain at least one HDMI input port. The type and size of the screen will depend on the space in question. For example, the specifications of a screen for a single-person treatment bay will differ in size from a screen for a large, open-plan waiting area. Likewise, a screen that is facing onto a busy street through a window and running 24/7, will need to be brighter and more robust than a standard TV. The main variables to factor in are:

  • Viewing distance
  • Ambient light/glare
  • Uptime (how long the screen will be on for each day)

Whatever your needs are, DSID can advise on what to purchase. For the most part, standard, big-brand, consumer-grade screens bought from your local appliance vendor will suffice.

Yes. In order for your DSID system to be remotely monitored, receive presentation updates, and access live data such as Facebook and Instagram, a high speed (10Mbps+) internet connection is required. A wired internet connection is best and strongly recommended.

In the event that a wired connection is impossible, WiFi is an option. However, a WiFI adapter upgrade on the BrightSign hardware is necessary, and the client must acknowledge that a WiFI connection is less reliable than a wired connection, and will be affected by proximity to the router and the number of other devices connected.

The answer to this will be determined by the distance between the screen(s) and the DSID system(s), as well as the total number of screens involved. HDMI cables work fine for distances of 10ft or less.

If the distance is greater than 10ft, HDMI over CAT6 is recommended. This method uses CAT6 ethernet cord to run the majority of the distance. Then powered senders and receivers are used on either end of the CAT6 cable to transfer back into an HDMI format. If you are building or upgrading an office, you should have CAT6 cabling run between your server closet and every area where you intend to have a TV screen. This is recommended as an AV best practice.

Library Content is all content present within the DSID Content Libraries, the majority of which is developed and designed by DSID using motion graphics, high quality stock photography and music, professional copywriting, and expert advice. Library Content covers messages and topics relevant to most practices within a specialty (eg. dental, cosmetic surgery, orthodontics etc.), and is categorized as follows:

  • Educational – Educating patients on important matters relating to treatment, hygiene, compliance, expectations, etc.
  • Products – Highlighting specific products and brands recommended or offered by a practice.
  • Services – Highlighting specific treatments, procedures, or services offered by a practice.
  • Financial – Communicating important financial information such as payment options, financing, and insurance options.
  • Practice Builders – Short messages focusing on expertise level, social media presence, membership, causes, and certifications.
  • Promoters – Short inspirational messages to encourage and support the benefits of treatment, such as a brighter smile, straighter teeth, clearer vision, etc.
  • Seasonal – Eye-catching messages relevant to specific times of year to keep presentations relevant and current.
  • Games & Trivia – Fun, visually driven games and trivia for all ages.
  • Variety – Content to add variety and entertainment to presentations, including travel, cooking, celebrity and more.

Any content that DSID develops specifically for your practice is regarded as Custom Content (eg. before & after showcase, doctor credentials, contest etc.). This content can be used in your presentation and even on your website or social media pages.

You can request Custom Content at any time, but you need credits to do so. Credits can be purchased for $40 per credit, or in discounted bundles. Custom Content development is available to non-DSID clients, but for a higher hourly fee. For a full list of pricing and options, please contact us. Custom Content takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to develop, depending on the scope of your request.

Simply call or email us with the details of your request. The estimated cost will be based on the scope of your request. The information communicated in Custom Content must be provided by you, and will only be as accurate as you make it. DSID will sometimes rearrange or condense wording in order for it to fit the timing of the piece. Once final approval is received, the final draft will be sent to you via download link and uploaded to your Portal account.

Yes and no. In order to make use of and access DSID campaigns and engagement ideas, you must be a DSID client. However, you do not need to be a DSID client to request custom content.

Unfortunately, DSID does not provide video wall solutions. Video walls often serve a very specific purpose which we have not found conducive to health care practices . If you simply want a very large screen, it is far more cost effective and manageable to buy a single, large format screen (65” +), which our plans do support. DSID is available to produce content for video walls.

In order to focus exclusively on digital signage, DSID no longer sells physical photo booth units. The DSID PhotoBooth app will no longer be supported as of 01/31/2020. If you are looking for a reliable, effective photo booth app, we highly recommend Snappic. If you purchased a physical photo booth and/or printer from DSID in the past and have a question or issue, please contact us directly.