Need ideas on how to engage your patients?

We have everything you need to implement a fun,
successful promotion, contest, or campaign.

How It Works

You pick the campaign from our library of options and specify the details such as prizes, dates, entry method, etc.

We build the content and provide you with video, graphics, and printables to use across all marketing channels at a fraction of the cost of industry rates.


All aspects of the campaign are clearly explained in the motion graphic video. In addition to displaying in your digital signage presentation, the video can also be uploaded to your social media pages and website. With some contests, the video is key to participating, requiring the viewer to watch in order to determine a substantiated guess.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is formatted for Facebook and is designed to grab attention.

Social Media Posts

Designed to communicate all pertinent details in one static image, the post graphic can be shared across every social media platform you use.

Print-Ready Flyers

We understand that good-old-fashioned paper is great for displaying in areas where there might be no screen, or to send home with patients. Flyers are delivered as a print-ready, letter-size PDF, which can be uploaded to an online printing company or printed in-office.

Entry Cards

Some campaigns may require the participant to submit a guess or answer. In such cases a print-ready, double-sided, postcard-size PDF is provided, which can either be uploaded to an online printing company or printed in-office. Just make sure you use paper that can be easily written upon.

Video Examples