Using digital signage to cultivate relationships with patients and their families

Digital signage provides a dynamic and visually appealing platform for sharing important information with viewers. Within the context of a healthcare practice, digital signage can be very effective in cultivating relationships with patients and their families. Here are several ways in which digital signage can enhance communication and engagement:

  • Personal Touch: Featuring the friendly faces, roles, and names of doctors and team members can set patients and their families at ease. Personable details of team members such as a favorite food or the name of a pet can help alleviate medical anxiety and break the ice for first-time visits. Highlighting milestone accomplishments and awards also lends support to the expertise and professionalism of a practice and its team, generating a leading edge impression among viewers.
  • Health Education: Use digital signage to provide educational content about specific health conditions, preventive care, and wellness and recovery tips. This not only empowers patients and their families with knowledge but helps align patient expectations and supports excellent outcomes and compliance. Team members might not always have enough time to explain every detail, but digital signage can help support the recommendations and advice given to patients. Healthcare messaging can also help initiate conversations that otherwise might have never happened due to a patient or family member feeling embarrassed or unsure about a struggle or condition.
  • Patient Testimonials and Success Stories: Displaying patient testimonials and success stories on digital signage can humanize the healthcare experience. This can help build trust and confidence among current and potential patients, showcasing positive outcomes and compassionate care. Featuring consenting patients who have had great experiences and overcome struggles resonates with patients and their families who are going through similar circumstances.
  • Community Involvement: Highlight community outreach initiatives, school team sponsorships, support groups, or special events through digital signage. This encourages patient and family participation in community-oriented activities, fostering a sense of connection and involvement.
  • Entertainment and Fun: Providing a sense of fun and entertainment for patients and their families during potentially long and stressful times shows a sense of understanding and care. This could include trivia, jokes, guessing games, easy recipes, amazing landscapes, and extreme sports, to name but a few.

Incorporating digital signage into healthcare practices can contribute to a more patient-centric and engaging environment, fostering positive relationships with patients and their families. DSID not only gives you the platform to easily communicate your messaging, we also have an entire library of 4K quality, eye-catching videos that cover all the topics mentioned in this article. And for any content needs that are specific to your practice, we also provide content development services to create and effectively communicate what you can see in your mind but don’t know how to make into reality.

DSID is a complete digital signage solution with a focus on healthcare specialties, designed for waiting rooms, treatment areas, and window displays.

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